Put This on Your Radar – August 28, 2017

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Martha says:

Where better to do a site-specific work than in the rotunda of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim Museum? Layer on top the dancing of American Ballet Theater principal Daniil Simkin, the choreography of modern darling Alejandro Cerrudo. Gild the lily with costume designs by Maria Grazia Chiuri , the artistic director of the House of Dior, and the upcoming “Works in Process” program offering of “Falls the Shadow” is a “can’t miss” event. Using the movement of the dancers as captured by sensors, the 30-minute work projects a 3-D visual cascade on the curved surface of the rotunda spiral. The mix of dance, music, fashion, technology is intended to “create an abstract map on the dancers’ bodies,” and Chiuri’s skintight costumes will highlight the subtleties of movement and light. The cast includes ABT soloist and girl-of-the-moment Cassandra Trenary and the powerful Hubbard Street soloist Ana Lopez. One caveat: audience members will stand along the spiral for the entire performance; very limited seating (with diminished sight lines) will be provided on the rotunda floor for those requiring it. Opens its two-day run on Monday, September 4 with performances at 8 pm and 9:30 pm.

Cover: Daniil Simkin in “Falls the Shadow.” Photo © Erin Baiano.

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