Put This on Your Radar – July 18, 2017

A weekly, highly personal and subjective list of performances and artists we want you to know about:

Martha says:

Eiko is back at The Pillow. The elegant Japanese dancer/choreographer Eiko Otake, whose “Body in Places” has been seen over the last few years in subtle, wending performances where she partnered with many landscapes (among my favorites: a bar in Lower Manhattan and the escalators of the new Fulton Street station during rush hour). With floating kimonos and soft fabric streams, she moves with a dense, deliberate style whose roots are found in traditional Japanese performance arts. She is mesmerizing, and will transform the landscape of Jacob’s Pillow, as she transforms each space she inhabits. “A Body at the Pillow” opens July 22 for three one-hour showings at 12 pm, 2 pm, and 5 pm.

Abigail Levine. Photo © Matthew Bernard

Sol LeWitt is an ideal artist to inspire the first in a series of performance pieces by the cerebral choreographer Abigail Levine. At Fridman Gallery (287 Spring St.) Levine will spend 25 hours– five hours for five days —  “performing” each line of visual instruction that the iconically cerebral LeWitt wrote for his “Wall Drawing #56” (1970.) That’s 3744 lines, in all the rigor that LeWitt demanded of the visual construction. Dave Ruder’s sound score evokes pencil scratching, amplified and played back. Applying duration and embodiment to LeWitt’s disciplined instructions seems so right. Following this first “re-staging,” Levine plans a series of other embodied visual translations, using works by Richard Serra and Robert Morris among several. Opens Sunday July 23 from 12-6 pm.

Cover:  Eiko Otake. Photo © William Johnston

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