Put This on Your Radar – June 26, 2017

A weekly, highly personal and subjective list of performances and artists we want you to know about:

Martha says:

Who of us can afford to miss Laura Peterson’s artistic exploration of that familiar panic: “FAILURE”? Her installation/performance at Judson Church considers failure on both small and large scales: what it means to us personally – and how America is dealing with its current experience. In the demanding piece, premiered in 2012, Peterson pushed her dancers to their limits of exhaustion, much like champion athletes; in this new incarnation, she takes on the meaning of failure after the 2016 elections – what it means to end, to give in – or up. In addition to a dead-on idea, prescient when it first appeared and almost too apt in the current environment, Peterson will also be joined by a troupe of excellent dancers, including two of my favorites, Darrin Wright and Jo-anne Lee. Tickets are pay-what-you-can (recommended: $20 – but no one will be turned away.) Starts Thursday June 29 at 8 pm.

Cover: Laura Peterson. Photo © Steven Schreiber

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