Put This on Your Radar – March 13, 2017

A weekly, highly personal and subjective list of performances and artists we want you to know about:

Martha says:

It’s easy to think of science as inflexible and hard-edged. In fact, it informs so much that is creative, explosive and mind-bending, that connecting it with art is inevitable. Former New York City Ballet dancer Emily Coates and her collaborator, particle physicist Sarah Demers, joined at Yale to teach the “Physics of Dance,” and the two will co-present “Incarnations,” a performance and lecture at Danspace from March 16-18. In a performance that is likely to be playful as well as intellectual, this will toy with questions of our existence. There are times when you watch dancers and wonder, “Did they just suspend the law of gravity?” Coates and Demers may be able to answer us. Opens March 16 at 8 pm.

Emily Coates and Sarah Demers in “Incarnations,” Photo © Ian Douglas

Leigh says:

NYCB principal Ashley Bouder can be everything the stereotypical ballerina isn’t supposed to be: forceful, strong and independent. All of which – combined with her unstoppable technique, make her one of the company’s most vibrant presences. She’s not waiting for men to validate or define or validate her; this Friday and Saturday at Symphony Space her own group, the Ashley Bouder Project, will present an evening of works choreographed by women. Bouder is trying her hand at choreography, something she does infrequently. Along with a reprise of Susan Stroman’s “Blossom Got Kissed,” contemporary dancemaker Liz Gerring is also making a duet for Bouder and Sara Mearns. The two are rarely cast together at NYCB, and Gerring’s dances spring from athleticism. This could be very simpatico. The New York Jazzharmonic will accompany.

Cover: Ashley Bouder and Sara Mearns in rehearsal for the Ashley Bouder Project 2.  Photo  © Miguel Anaya

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