Put This on Your Radar – June 7, 2017

A weekly, highly personal and subjective list of performances and artists we want you to know about:

Leigh says:

Lumberyard, a dance presenting and performance organization that started its life as the American Dance Institute in Maryland before migrating north, is presenting a series at The Kitchen, Lumberyard in the City.

This week’s offering is “Let it Linger,” by Vicky Shick. Five women dance in different combinations, to a soundscape that recycles some familiar radio tunes. Also featured are visuals by the Swiss video artist Seline Baumgartner. Her work mixes feminine intimacy with weirdness: last year’s “Another Spell” was like a curio box filled with polished quartz and agate mixed with the occasional partially-unwrapped, half-mummified, two-decade old caramel: how fascinating to re-encounter it, but how in the hell did it get there? In the new work, Shick promises, “moments of discomfort—perhaps even the unpleasant—are interspersed with attempts at intimacy and with robust and luscious physicality.” Shick is a whiz at letting quiet moments spin out just a bit longer than they might – enough to question their innocence and her work manages to be understated, absurd and fascinating all at once. At The Kitchen, June 8-10 at 8 pm.

Marilyn Maywald-Yahel and Mina Nishamura rehearsing “Let it Linger.” Photo © David Gonsier.

Cover: Vicky Shick rehearsing “Let it Linger.” Photo © David Gonsier.

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