Put This on Your Radar – April 3, 2017

A weekly, highly personal and subjective list of performances and artists we want you to know about:

Leigh is sitting this week out:

Martha says:

Katie Workum is a beautiful dancer, who has graced the choreography of many talented female artists. Over the last three years, she has collaborated with two of her frequent dance partners (and equally delicious movers) Weena Pauly and Eleanor Smith to build a shifting work called “Here Are The Mountains.” Though mountains seem eternal, they are always in a process of being built and destroyed; in a cosmic sense, everything is temporary. This piece, about creation and demolition, changes constantly. Come watch them build and destroy the current iteration at Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD) on Saturday and Sunday April 8-9 at 7 pm.

“Here are the Mountains” by Katie Workum. Photo © Ivan Hurzeler

The first time I saw Aki Sasamoto in a duet with Arturo Vidich, I described the experience as falling down the rabbit hole. In her upcoming installation-performance at the Kitchen, “Yield Point,” Sasamoto will sometimes work solo, and sometimes with saxophonist Matt Bauder or singer-songwriter Alsarah, in a work that explores her notions of plasticity, how things shift and change, and what it is to reach a limit – of objects, of selves. An artist who uses multiple media – sound, video, sculpture, light —as well as movement and text, Sasamoto is idiosyncratic and mesmerizing. The experience is always changing, as it will do over the eight-evening run that opens on Thursday, April 6 at 6 pm with a solo performance. The performances are free, but capacity is limited.

Cover: Aki Sasamoto’s “Yield Point.”

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