Put This on Your Radar – August 2, 2017

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Martha says:

One of the best things about New York’s free art festivals is the array of unusual offerings, a chance to sample something completely unfamiliar at no risk. This weekend at Lincoln Center’s “Out of Doors” Festival several Eastern European music and dance groups pool their talents for the Heritage Sunday program. The acrobatic movers of “Dancing Crane” bring music and movement from Georgia, and Malika Kalontarova demonstrates why she is called the “Queen of Tajik Dance.” These, along with music from the Cheres Folk Orchestra from Western Ukraine and Albanian vocal star Merita Halili will give a flavor of this many-faceted region – traditions of dazzling acrobatic athleticism as well as rhythmic harmonies and exotic instruments. The program runs on Sunday, August 6 at 1 pm. No tickets necessary, just show up at Hearst Plaza.

Cover: Cheres Folk Orchestra

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