Put This on Your Radar – November 20, 2017

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Martha says:

The artists appearing in Croatia’s “Perforations Festival” at LaMaMa will take Thursday off even if they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. The rest of the week is fair game, and a broad array of artists will offer seven wildly different performances. Edgy Croatian performance artist Ina Sladić will take live instruction from downtown legend Penny Arcade, in an idiosyncratic cross-border collaboration. The return of the 2015 “Pylade” pairs LaMaMa’s Great Jones Repertory Company with Croatian director Ivica Buljan, in a contemporary exploration of the relationship between Orestes and Pylades, friends, brothers, and probably more. The festival includes premieres from Poland, Slovenia, and Croatia. Crossing artistic borders may be more important than ever, in communicating during era where fear so often overtakes global trust or generosity. The festival runs through November 26 (except Thursday, November 23).

Mia Bruno Isaković and Mia Zalukar in “Suddenly Everywhere.” Photo © Željko Tutnjević.

Cover: Ina Sladić in “Penny/Audience.” Photo © Krunoslav Marinac.

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