Too Good to Miss – April 13, 2017

If you love good writing, check out these reports you may have missed:

Leigh on Richard Move and MoveOpolis, the 20th anniversary of his uncanny Martha Graham characterization and his new “XXYY”:

“As with dance’s other great gender illusionists, the Trocks, Move has the secret of satire down cold.  The best stuff, and the funniest, springs from love.”

The Good Old Bad Old Days

Martha on Mark Morris’ staging of two operas:

“Each work profited from his devotion to both opera and dance, but in opposing ways. Morris highlighted the music in his New York premiere of Benjamin Britten’s “Curlew River” and focused on the dance in his 1989 classic, Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas.””

Embodying Music

Leigh on The Ashley Bouder Project’s co-production with The New York Jazzharmonic:

“Like the ballerina herself, Ashley Bouder’s foray outside New York City Ballet was to the point (if on the short side), jazzy and a little bit brassy.”

The Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Martha on Amanda Loulaki:

“Amanda Loulaki’s newest dance was so gentle it was gripping.”

Try a Little Tenderness